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    If you are looking for unusual deals on wheels, you have found them.  The stranger they are, the more we like them:  cars, bikes, boats, trucks, & collectable car parts too!



    This is Weaverville, gateway to the Trinity Alps of Northern California.  Once you explore its quaint streets , walk by its hundred year old homes and historic downtown buildings  with the spiral staircases, you will definitely get the feeling of being thrown back into the Old West.  Trinity County is a playground of natural beauty with its majestic rugged mountain peaks and thousands of square miles of trees, streams and lakes.  The Trinity River is alive with steelhead and salmon and also provides some of the finest river rafting in the West.  Looking for a peaceful change of lifestyle?  Look no more -- Trinity County is awesome and is known for some of the friendliest folks you'll ever meet. 

      Eighteen years ago, NUTUYU started selling used cars and trucks to local folks throughout the county.  Our customers determined it was easier and cheaper to buy locally than to deal with strangers in the city.  They got more value for their money and knew they were dealing with local folks like themselves and that NUTUYU could not stay in business in this small a community unless they stood behind what they sold.  It is in this county that our business was built and has grown. 

    If you don't want the hassle of selling your auto, NUTUYU can take it off your hands and get you top dollar.  We take all the calls and hassle out of the sale.  No strangers in your home.  No test drives with the unknown.  No worries of your car not returning from the test drive.  We also help you with the steps required to prepare your auto for sale such as smog, detail, and safety, and determine an appropriate value. We proudly offer this service that no one else does in the county.

    NUTUYU has since entered into other ventures where a need existed in the community.  UP-TOWN self storage is one of  those needs that has been fulfilled with the largest multi-purpose  storage facility in the county. Units of every size and configuration are available to meet any need, from small 3' X3' cubicles to huge covered areas for large boats or RV's. 




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